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“"Me alegró recibir la nueva versión de "Financial". ¡El sistema funciona a la perfección! Es un gran avance en cuanto a la agilidad del trabajo, la eficiencia de los informes y la estructura logística inteligente. Cabe elogiar el conocimiento y el pensamiento invertidos. Gracias por un servicio excelente y por las soluciones a todos los problemas de integración del sistema a la compañía...„

  1. Motty Segal, gerente de finanzas, Home Center Rt

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BMBY.system is a new, refreshing and unique approach in the field of real estate project management. This system provides you complete technological and business solutions for all your managerial needs in residential and commercial projects. From this day on, your real estate path will never look the same.

In creating this unique system, we applied all the experience, knowledge and know-how of the real estate business and combined them with cutting edge application development technology. This combination yielded a winning formula that has proven itself time after time. Through conceptual flexibility and constant attentiveness to our clientele, we have been able to add numerous improvements to our system, so that it meets the needs of the modern real estate world. From this day on, your real estate path is up to date.

BMBY.system contains four principal modules: the budget supervision module, the Sales and Marketing module, the financial module and the tenant services module. The uniqueness and advantage of the BMBY.system are due to the complete synchronization of all these modules, which work together, and cross-link relevant data.

BMBY.system was developed by state of the art internet technology that permits full control of your company's management at all times and from any location. Every user has limited access to predetermined segments, and with a click of a button can receive information, feed in data and focus online on all the different types of information he or she requires. Accessibility, availability and speed are the name of the game.

BMBY.system is a one of a kind system in the real estate field. The innovative technology allows your company to grow and expand to manage multi-national and multi-lingual projects.

BMBY.system implements a uniform and efficient organizational language based on international standards, which achieves superiority and full control of your project's developmental process.

The fully graphic interface of the BMBY.system makes learning to operate and implement it easy. The user-friendly interface allows every user to operate the program for his or her needs with ease. Thus you obtain a major saving of time and resources, and gain an advantage in the quality of the accumulated information. Other sophisticated tools enable you to import and export data to your accounting, to Excel charts and to your company's web site.

BMBY.system allows for links to complementary programs that BMBY has developed for a wide range of bodies that are connected to a real estate project, such as banks, mortgage banks, real estate agents, lawyers, internet advertisement systems and advertising companies.

Transparency is the name of the game - all of the company's data is displayed on your computer, in any language you choose, anywhere in the world. One click on the mouse and you can navigate through sales data, client and supplier information or inventory data. Another press of the button allows you to pull out any piece of information that interests you, and receive a full explanation about those data. From now on, the important information is in your reach - when you want to check your sales status or the state of your debtors in each project - one click will provide you with a full report

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