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System Characteristics
“"Me alegró recibir la nueva versión de "Financial". ¡El sistema funciona a la perfección! Es un gran avance en cuanto a la agilidad del trabajo, la eficiencia de los informes y la estructura logística inteligente. Cabe elogiar el conocimiento y el pensamiento invertidos. Gracias por un servicio excelente y por las soluciones a todos los problemas de integración del sistema a la compañía...„

  1. Motty Segal, gerente de finanzas, Home Center Rt

The system characteristics - the advantages that put you in the lead
16 System Characteristics. One Path to Profitability.

BMBY.system is characterized by traits that transform it from a base program into a trailblazing system.
The following are the 16 characteristics that have made our software the best in the business.
Each one of them is etched deeply into the program's structure and goals.

  • Improving Business Results
    It has been proven that BMBY.system helps increase profitability.
  • Rise in Income
    Improving the management, supervision and sales skills of your team leads to highly improved handling of potential clients, and the direct results are quicker sales at higher prices.
  • Cost Effectiveness
    Improving your ability for supervision and control reduces errors and brings about a dramatic reduction in advertising, marketing and personnel costs.
  • Supervision and Control
    The system provides you with quick and easy access to managerial information. This information is acquired online, and is well-arranged, organized and highly dependable
  • Work Procedures
    The clear and fixed standards for work procedure and the uniformity of the reports allow for maximum efficiency in project management.
  • Warnings
    Determining parameters for warnings about deviations from the goals set for marketing and sales, finances, and for implementation and construction, prevent mistakes and loss of valuable time and money
  • Information Security
    The system operates on the most advanced information security platforms, which correspond to international standards.
  • Reports
    A technologically unique report generator that enables you to graphically and textually produce any report according to defined sections.
  • User-Friendly Interface
    It is intuitive, enables smart and simple navigation between all the different parts of the program, easy to learn and operate.
  • Management and Supervision of International Projects
    Support in any language. A full dictionary for the interface and system tools that enables up-to-date supervision of a project being carried out at a distance and in a foreign language. Each user can work simultaneously in a different language.
  • Active Connection with Microsoft Office Software
    Allows automatic export of documents to Word, the export of any document to Excel at the press of a button, and importing data from this program.
  • Real Estate Experience
    Vast experience in the real estate field, thousands of users in hundreds of sites in different countries, flexible solutions that fit specific needs.
  • CPA Documents
    Direct production of invoices and receipts, credits and debits, work orders and confirmations of payment.
  • Internal and External E-mail System
    Enables internal mail (between all people authorized to access the project), and external mail (by e-mail).
  • Document Merging
    Enables you to merge any parameter in the software with any printed document, and to incorporate extra data, text, pictures and formulas into it, while retaining full control of the printed document's structure – the amount offered, the preliminary agreement, the contract, the agreement with regard to delays, guarantees, etc.
  • Budget Management
    Allows you to construct an unlimited number of budgets and budget set-ups, with the application of warnings about or blocking of any budgetary irregularity.

A Complete Solution
The perfect answer to all the entrepreneur's needs, from both the technological and business aspects, tighter connections between all the systems in the organization and the full synchronization of the different modules. The comprehensive array creates a uniform and accessible view of the business for all levels.

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