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Solutii Despre Contactati-ne
Dezvoltatori imobiliari, Agentii Imobiliare: Cea mai avansata solutie software din lume
Asigura o crestere a vanzarilor cu cel putin 35%!
Software-ul imobiliar BmBy permite dezvoltatorilor (antreprenorilor) si agentiilor imobiliare cresterea vanzarilor si a incasarilor,
impreuna cu imbunatatirea controlului si eficientei afacerii.
Software-ul imobiliar include: solutie soft in totalitate pe internet, adaptata oricarei piete, interfata multilimba, CRM incorporat,
unelte de marketing imobiliar, raportari la nivel de management si multe altele...
Mii de utilizatori din 20 de tari culeg deja roadele utilizarii BmBy!
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International solution partner of :
Solutie software pentru dezvoltatori rezidentiali
• CRM pentru marketing si vanzari
• CRM pentru servicii clienti
• Management de contracte
• Controlul bugetului
• Management de costuri
• Sarcinile si performanta managementului
• Controlul publicitatii
• Integrare cu site-uri web
• Managementul proiectelor internationale
• Generator complet de raportari
• Comisioanele agentiilor
• Mailing via email si SMS
• si multe altele...
Agentii Imobiliare
Managementul complet al agentiei imobiliare
• CRM pentru potentiali clienti, cumparatori si vanzatori
• Corelarea client - proprietate
• Baza de date online
• Promovare directa online
• Managementul tranzactiilor
• Integrare cu pagini web
• Marketing de proiect
• Generator complet de raportari
• Mailing via email si SMS
• Comisioanele agentiilor
• Managementul agentilor/brokerilor
• Urmarirea colectarii platilor de la cumparatori si vanzatori
• si multe altele...
Management al proprietatii
Puternica unealta software pentru managementul proprietatii/managementul facilitatilor pentru spatii de birouri, mall-uri sau proprietati comerciale
• CRM pentru clienti si proprietari
• Managementul proprietatii
• Managementul chiriilor
• Control buget
• Flexibilitate in controlul inventarului
• Managementul tranzactiilor
• Integrare cu paginile web
• Istoria proprietatii
• Generator complet de raportari
• Mailing via email si SMS
• Urmarirea colectarii incasarilor de la clienti
• Legatura directa cu software-ul contabil
• si multe altele...
Phone: +972 4 959 79 89
Fax: +972 3 617 93 36
As a large international real estate developer, with head office in Portugal and operation in more than 5 countries (including Poland and Spain), we found BMBY.system both advanced and convenient tool that assists us a lot".
Joao Barros Teixeira,
Marketing Manager Maexpa,
(Poland )
The software solutions of BmBy offer us the ability to manage and control easily and professionally our real estate operation. The efficiency of the system, the multilingual ability, and the ease that the employees accepted the system... those were exactly what we needed!
Gal Zoltan CFO,
Elephant Group,
(Hungary )
As a manager, BMBY.system pleases me by its reports and also pleases my team by the easiness in use and the friendly environment.
Ioana Benedek, Managing Director,
Future Group,
(Romania )
Much praise is to be given for the investment and thought that was invested (in BMBY.system). Thanks for the excellent service and solutions for all problems of integrating the system into the company.
Motty Segal, CEO,
Home Center Rt,
(Hungary )
BmBy is offering our organization the opportunity to manage, easily and professionally, an international real estate operation. The knowhow and efficiency of the system, the web availability, the ability to work in several languages ... this is exactly what we needed!
Marco Maxemilian Katz, CEO,
BRC Group,
(Romania )
... the system provides us with the capability to accurately centralize large scale projects which are geographically widely spread. We see it as an important and decisive tool for insuring the high quality of our activities.
Today, all Land sales teams throughout Romania use the system on a daily basis, while the management enjoys accurate and up-to-date control.
Uri Lancry, Sales Director,
ADAMA Holding,
(Romania )
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