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Data Security
“...I was happy to receive the new version of the 'Financial'. The system works excellently! A great improvement in the swiftness of work, the efficiency of reports and in intelligent logistical structure. Much praise is to be given for the investment and thought that was invested. Thanks for the excellent service and solutions for all problems of integrating the system into the company...„

  1. Motty Segal, CFO, Home Center Rt

Data Security

The BMBY System allows for access & management of data from any point in the world from every computerconnected to Internet without any previous installation of software, receiving online information and execution of commands subject to authorizations.
Within the system, available to you, are installed the most advanced means of securing activities, protecting privacy and classified data and information.

The Resources:

  • System Identification:
    Entrance to the system by means of user code, personal password and USB Key (optional).
  • Communications Encryption:
    Information transfers between the Server and client via 128-bit encryption SSL communication.
  • Database Server:
    Access to customer data protected by means of advanced hardware and software security systems.
  • Security Elements:
    Screening on the level of communications (Firewalls, Routers etc.) and infrastructural elements of defense and filtration applications.
  • Inspection and Control:
    Means of on-going inspection and control of Server communications.
  • Periodic Security Check:
    Implemented by an expert from an exterior company specializing in this.
  • Physical Defense:
    The Servers are installed in an advanced protected facility defended as per international standards

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