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“...I was happy to receive the new version of the 'Financial'. The system works excellently! A great improvement in the swiftness of work, the efficiency of reports and in intelligent logistical structure. Much praise is to be given for the investment and thought that was invested. Thanks for the excellent service and solutions for all problems of integrating the system into the company...„

  1. Motty Segal, CFO, Home Center Rt

The promoters and the managers

Meir Nachshon - Real Estate expert, sales, marketing and brokerage, 25 years of experience in the field. Graduate of the Technion in Economics and Management, deals in the promotion, construction and marketing of real estate projects on various levels, as Senior Economist, Comptroller and General Manager.

Resume: Comptroller of the Haifa Economic Company, Financial Manager of Solel Boneh northern branch, Manager of the northern area of Africa-Israel & Danya-Cebus, General Manager of Anglo-Saxon Real Estate Network - a subsidiary of Africa- Israel Investments Group and Migdal Insurance Company.

Mark Zeevi - Computer expert, one of the first to be active in the Interactive field in Israel, during the last 7 years specializing as a Consultant and establishing computerized marketing systems for real estate firms in Israel and in Europe (Anglo-Saxon, Solel Boneh, Shiran Group, Epstein & Sons, the Angel Group, Faver, Eshel Hayarden, Eshel Prague and more).

Resume: General manager of Corel Tel LTD, General Manager of Computy LTD, among the owners of Real-Time LTD.

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