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Increased Profits
“...I was happy to receive the new version of the 'Financial'. The system works excellently! A great improvement in the swiftness of work, the efficiency of reports and in intelligent logistical structure. Much praise is to be given for the investment and thought that was invested. Thanks for the excellent service and solutions for all problems of integrating the system into the company...„

  1. Motty Segal, CFO, Home Center Rt

Increased Profits - The Reason We're All Here
One System One Goal

BMBY.system is guaranteed to increase your project's profitability in two cash flow aspects:

Income - A meaningful improvement in management, supervision and sales skills leads to a highly improved treatment of potential clients, and the direct result is earlier sales, in other words - quicker sales at higher prices.

Expenses - Improvement in supervision and control of the data gathered during the project reduces errors and brings about a dramatic reduction in costs (advertising, sales, marketing, manpower and communication).

Our user's experience has proved that you can attain up to a 3% increase in profit by applying the following steps:

  • Increased Sales Rate
    1. The system analyzes the large data base that is accumulated during the project and allows continuous or specific surveillance of strategic clients and the maintaining of systematic and continuous contact with them.
    2. Recognizing resistance and analyzing data that is stored in the system permits a quick response to the market's requirements and reduces the loss of potential clients.
    3. The ability to simultaneously sell the project from a number of sales offices, in different countries and languages, means more clients. For example, you can sell the apartments in the Budapest project at a sales office in Ireland.
  • Pricing
    The system provides a systematic and analytic answer to the issue of continuous and dynamic price updating throughout the whole project. You can check the interest and the sales situation of any type of apartment at any point in time, and thus decide if you need to raise or lower apartment prices. For example, the system can show you that the demand for two bedroom apartments and the sales of such apartments have reached 70%, while the project is only at the halfway point, therefore you should raise the price of the two bedroom apartments.
  • Efficient Advertising
    The system enables a precise analysis of the exposure options of the interested parties, based on advertising tools and geographical areas, from national to local distribution, and thus helps to correctly focus the investment in advertising.
  • Control and Supervision
    The system allows you to significantly improve the control and supervision of all the possible scenarios of the project in all aspects: general management, reports, sales array, financial array and budget control. Control and supervision and improved profitability are one and the same.
  • Reduced Work Time
    All the reports are produced automatically in the system as a direct result of the continuous work of the employees, so none of them have to write summarizing reports. The significance of this is a saving of valuable time, time that is saved for every employee that presses the button which activates the report generator. The reports are extremely detailed and therefore save the time that is usually wasted on clarifying different aspects of a report. For instance, by pressing a button you can see which of the potential buyers that came to you through a specific medium actually bought an apartment. Receiving this kind of data today requires a great deal of time.
  • Reduced Communication Costs
    The internal mail system enables different company functionaries to send messages and information to each other from the clients' card, including a breakdown of calls and meetings with the client. The fact that this is an internet system allows you to see all the data online from any computer anywhere and makes it a lot easier to pass on information.
  • Supervision of the Sales Representatives
    The system creates supervision tools, including attendance reports for the sales representatives that help increase their efficiency. This is an important tool for manager and worker alike.

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