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Marketing & Sales Module
“...I was happy to receive the new version of the 'Financial'. The system works excellently! A great improvement in the swiftness of work, the efficiency of reports and in intelligent logistical structure. Much praise is to be given for the investment and thought that was invested. Thanks for the excellent service and solutions for all problems of integrating the system into the company...„

  1. Motty Segal, CFO, Home Center Rt

The Marketing & Sales Module

The Marketing and Sales module is a crucial tool for managing and operating relevant project data bases.
Incorporating the Budget Supervision module with the Marketing and Sales module enables full and up to date control of future and evolving processes - from the initial contact to signing the contract.
This module allows you to have full supervision of the process, produce reports and sales analyses, supervise sales representatives and manage the assets inventory. This module uses dozens of sophisticated reports that analyze the data of prospective clients, sales and assets.
The system opens a new file for every prospective client that contains all the details and activities that were undertaken to maintain contact with him, documentation of all meetings and calls, contact supervision, memos etc. More than just documentation and organization of the client's file, this module acts as an essential promotion tool for sales managers and representatives - organizing daily activities that help meet marketing goals and maximize sales opportunities.
Producing documents with BMBY.system is easy and simple, and at the same time highly sophisticated.
Switching from marketing to sales modes is extremely accessible: it is very easy to connect documents and instantly produce a cost proposal and a memorandum of intent, and at the end transform it into the final contract.

One of the main advantages of the "BMBY System" software is its integration - everything is connected. All the informatio that goes into the program automatically updates all the relevant systems - that's your edge!
The memorandum of intent that is produced for the client immediately updates the inventory (apartments, warehouses and shops) and doesn't allow you to sell the same property twice.
Later on, when the memorandum of intent becomes a contract, the contract moves directly into the housing software including all the financial details, and this allows you to continue working on the project without having to click twice.

Main Attributes:
  • Management of the properties inventory and the price list (apartments, shops, offices, warehouses, parking lots etc.).
  • Management of potential client files (CRM), summary of meetings, memorandums and work plans for every stage.
  • Computerized printing of price offers, memoranda of intent and contracts.
  • Internal and external mail system for all the system users.
  • Management of a task diary, meetings and assignments.
  • Saves all relevant documents such as letters, contracts, pictures and diagrams in the client/asset file.
  • Management of sales personnel, activities reports, attendance clock, salary calculations and commissions.
  • A report generator that details all the marketing and sales aspects that are kept up to date at all times.
  • A direct link to the project's web site.
  • A direct link to internet advertising systems.
  • Construction of a correct, efficient and uniform work method for all the marketing and sales teams.

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