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“...I was happy to receive the new version of the 'Financial'. The system works excellently! A great improvement in the swiftness of work, the efficiency of reports and in intelligent logistical structure. Much praise is to be given for the investment and thought that was invested. Thanks for the excellent service and solutions for all problems of integrating the system into the company...„

  1. Motty Segal, CFO, Home Center Rt

Company Profile

The B.M.B.Y. Software Systems Company deals in the development and marketing of specialized management system, marketing and control of residential and yield producing real estate projects, locally and internationally deployed.

The developed system provides sophisticated solutions that significantly improve the business results and the cash flow of the project, efficiency of the management processes and allows for major process transparency. In addition enables the system enables, on the one hand, the identification of business opportunities and, on the other, the avoidance of losses.

The solutions offer innovative methods for the developer, project management by means of integrated technological systems combined with expertise and specialized knowledge of the field.

The system demonstrates to the developer an up-to-date and real picture of the status of the project, whether in Israel or abroad.

The company was established in 2003 and is headquartered in the national preference area of Yokneam Elite.

The company was declared as a 'Favored Enterprise' in the end of 2004 by the Center of Investments.

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